Monday, April 13, 2015

Open letter to Bloomsburg University community

Dear students,

As spring semester nears its end, many Bloomsburg University students and outsiders will take part in the annual event known as Block Party.

Although this is not a university-sanctioned event, most Huskies engage in this informal social event safely and peacefully. However, each year visitors and a small number of students engage in destructive behavior, disregard the safety of themselves and others and damage property.

Many also post inappropriate photos on social media pages. In doing so, they embarrass themselves and our university.

Social events are an integral part of college life and often plant the seeds of lifelong friendships. Unfortunately, when they go beyond reasonable boundaries of safe and responsible behavior, the consequences can be physically harmful or legally damaging.

The Bloomsburg Town Council recently adopted a new ordinance to further restrict Block Party. I encourage you to become familiar with the ordinance and know you will likely be prosecuted if you violate it.

All Huskies should enjoy and respect their home away from home as well as other residents of the Town of Bloomsburg. We continue to explore a safe substitute for Block Party, including hosting an alternative large gathering on campus or at the fairgrounds.

As president of Bloomsburg University, my main concerns are the quality of education you receive and the quality of life you enjoy on our campus and in the community. I urge you to be careful, respectful and responsible and to obey the laws of the Commonwealth and the Town at all times, especially during Block Party.

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