Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome back Huskies!

It’s become tradition for me to do a welcome back video to kick off the new academic year, joining the ranks of presidents from universities and colleges across the country who are featured on YouTube.

I’m not sure which president or school can be credited with the first one, but I’d like to think Bloomsburg University is among the pioneers.

This latest version is the sixth time I have worked with the Office of Marketing and Communications and Instructional Media Services to produce an entertaining and informative greeting for our returning and incoming campus community. The welcome video is an important communication tool for me.

As the university’s 175th anniversary celebration continues this fall, my attention has been piqued many times this year at how our school has evolved since its earliest days. Modes of communication have changed with each era, particularly in our recent chapter in history.

Social media is now a major player, of course, and during my tenure has rapidly become a preferred method of communication among our students, along with text messaging and email. This generation faces distractions from devices vying for their attention. Video helps me to break these barriers.

Lifestyles were very different in the days of our first principal Henry Carver, when the main manner of communication was the written letter. Harvey Andruss had it easier 50 years ago — just letters and telephone calls.

Even my predecessor Jessica Kozloff, who hosted a regular cable TV program, “Here and Now,” did not have to deal with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during her presidency, although she is active in social media now. I admit, I have conceded to social media ... joining Twitter earlier this year.

As I have become more comfortable in front of the camera — something not as easy as one might think — our videos have ventured out of the studio and become more creative. With each version, the bar of expectations has risen. I enjoy the challenge. It’s a project I look forward to each year and hope the campus community does, too.

And in honor of our #BU175 celebration, a look back at ...


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