Friday, March 7, 2014

Putting Careers into Professional U

A recent survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA found that 84.7 percent of students attend college to obtain a well-paying career in a field they love. Bloomsburg University established Professional U to help our students reach this goal by enhancing their excellent academic preparation with practical experience. We are now building upon this initiative by bringing the Career Development Center, in addition to academic internships, into Alumni and Professional Engagement under the leadership of Lynda Michaels.

Professional U brings together students, talented alumni and organizational partners in a variety of fields to offer a distinct advantage for our students. In a relatively short time, Professional U has established a network of opportunities for our undergraduates, including career road trips, job shadowing and academic internships, while providing support and activities to customize experiential learning within each of the four colleges.

Likewise, our Career Development Center has earned a well-deserved reputation for helping students explore their interests, discover their potential, investigate their employment and graduate school options and prepare for their job search. Combining the Career Development Center’s tools and services with Professional U’s initiatives establishes opportunities for every student to have at least one career-related experience each year. Quite simply, it gives our students a head start on professional success.

I am pleased to announce this new collaboration and look forward to the outstanding career preparation, networking opportunities and professional experiences it will provide for our students.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Developing energy-saving strategies on campus

A new kiosk has been constructed on campus as part of an energy project coordinated by faculty members Nathaniel Greene and Jeff Brunskill and assistant director of facilities management John Holtzman.

It was designed to educate the Bloomsburg University community about solar energy and the university’s energy consumption using Lucid Design Group’s Building Dashboard software.

The project aims to develop energy-saving strategies for the university.

Energy use in Hartline Science Center, Student Recreation Center, Nelson Field House, Columbia Residence Hall and Elwell Residence Hall are displayed. The kiosk and the data that it tracks and displays will be used by Bloomsburg students in energy- and environment-related courses and research students.

The data and trends revealed by the Building Dashboard software also will be used to develop strategies to reduce energy use.