Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New student research publication set to debut

Research projects completed by 30 students who participated in the inaugural Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (URSCA) Awards program will be highlighted this fall in Bloomsburg University’s first undergraduate research publication.

The booklet will showcase projects related to chemistry, biology, physics, speech pathology, linguistics, community development, anthropology, child development, art and music.

URSCA awards program is open to all BU undergraduates involved in summer research, scholarship or creative activity under the guidance of faculty members. Students can receive a maximum stipend of up to $6,000 for a full-time project during the 12 weeks of summer session.

Congratulations to our students who received awards this past summer:
  • Adam Kulp, mentored by Bill Coleman, "Localization of Synapsin Proteins in Human Sperm Cells"
  • Amanda Pritzlaff, mentored by Chris Hallen, "Monitoring Water Quality and Examining Bioaccumulation in Macroinvertebrates of the Lower West, North and South Branches of the Susquehanna River"
  • Franklin Rodemer, mentored by  Chris Hallen, "A Snapshot of Acid Mine Drainage Sites Utilizing a Passive Limestone Treatment System in Schuylkill County, PA"
  • Robert Kresch, mentored by  Cindy Venn and Chris Hallen, "Aqueous Geochemical Analysis of Marcellus Shale Hydraulic"
  • Lynette Eichenlaub, mentored by Cindy Venn and Chris Hallen, "Aqueous Geochemical Analysis of Surface Water and Groundwater Surrounding a Marcellus Fracture Fluid Retention Pond and Corresponding Well Pads in Bradford County"
  • Conor Flynn, mentored by  Eric Hawrelak, "Catalytic Studies for the Production of Cyclic Organic Molecules Using [(C6F5)C5H4]Co(CO2) at the Catalyst"
  • Lauren Heller, mentored by Eric Stouffer, "Examination of the Ability of Voluntary Physical Exercise"
  • Chandra Dewar, mentored by George Davis and Chris Hallen, "Uptake Specificity of Synthetic Phitosidesphore Analogs by Graminaceous Plants"
  • Mike Jurbala, mentored by Gregory Zimmerman, "Extraction of Equilibrium Constants and Limiting Conductivities from Conductance Measurements on Unsymmetrical Electrolytes
  • Brandon Hartman and Michael Otto, mentored by Heather Feldhaus, "Developing a Regional Economic Impact Plan"
  • Caleb Meyers, mentored by Heather Feldhaus and Neal Slone, "A Community Development Research Project: Revitalization of Elm Street Community, Berwick Pennsylvania"
  • Jose Calvo, mentored by Jennifer Johnson, "Perceptions of Cyber Security: Personal Computers"
  • Dan Copes, mentored by  Jing Luo and Matthew Slotkin, "Effects of Music on Language and Culture in China"
  • Rachel Livingston and Chandlar Long, mentored by John Huckans, "Ultracold Bloom"
  • Sawyer Davis, mentored by  John Morgan, "Organometallic Routes to Chemical Derivatives of the Tricyclic Antidepressant, Imipramine"
  • Ariana Winger, mentored by John Morgan, "An Organometallic Four-Step Synthesis of the tricyclic Core of the Antidepressant Clomipramine (Anafranil)
  • Ashleigh Wells, mentored by Kevin Ball, "Effect of Chronic Stress on Relapse to Palatable Food Seeking: Role of Dopamine D1-like Receptors
  • Erik Rahner, mentored by Mike Borland, "Correlating Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid Chain Length to PPAR-Dependent Anti-proliferative Effects in Malignant Melanoma"
  • Christina Irzinski, mentored by Pamela Smith, "The Use of Technology with Unfamiliar Communication Partners by Persons with Aphasia: Video Conferencing vs. Email"
  • Kimberly West, mentored by Stephanie Schlitz, "Pennsylvania Dialects Project"
  • Ashley Brown and Shannon Sursely, mentored by Sue Dauria, "Anthropology and Education: An Ethnographic Field-School Teaching Anthropology"
  • Shelley Fought, mentored by Sue Dauria, "Anthropology and Education: An Ethnographic Field-School Teaching Anthropology"
  • Louisa Andrew, mentored by Toni Trumbo-Bell, "Clotting Inhibition for LSPR and ISPR"
  • Kristie Darrah, mentored by Toni Trumbo-Bell, "Chromatographic Studies of Thrombin Inhibitors"
  • Jo Pennypacker, mentored by Vincent Hron, "Downtown Danville Mural Project"
  • Jacqueline Zeiber, mentored by Winona Cochran, "Effects of Color and Type on Gender Classification of Children's Toys"
  • Sarah Dodgin, mentored by  John Hranitz, "GIS Mapping of Larval and Juvenile Anuran Habitats on Assateague Island VA"
  • Paola Lunardi, mentored by John Hrantiz, "Co-Occurrence of Larval and Juvenile Anurans and Potential Competition for Resources on Assateague Island VA"