Thursday, August 15, 2013

Partnering with a promising future

So much of what we do is aimed at helping young people get a strong start in their careers. This includes several examples of activities and programs that occur on campus over the summer.

One of our newest summer programs is the Allentown Partnership, which offers rising high school juniors from the Allentown School District an opportunity to experience college through classes, student life activities and discussion groups.

Classes include lessons in the environmental, geographical and geological sciences, mathematics, computer science and statistics. This three-week residential program also enables Bloomsburg University students to develop leadership and mentoring skills while serving as counselors. In its first year, the partnership, which was hosted in July, featured a creatively designed curriculum that blended activities, workshops and experiential learning programs to excite and prepare these high school juniors for college. Several of our own students were key to this inaugural program’s success.

As counselors they were responsible for fostering a healthy environment for the Allentown students and led programs that addressed basic health and safety skills, university services and personal growth.

Part of our mission as a public university is service to our community, our region and the commonwealth. We were pleased to welcome this group of students this summer and open the doors of higher education for them.

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