Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As one chapter ends, another one begins

As slowly as spring arrived this year, it didn’t appear to impact the speed of the semester. In fact, it seems like only yesterday I was welcoming you back to campus for the start of the 2012-13 academic year — the final year at Bloomsburg for more than 1,300 of you. I even remember welcoming you to the university as wide-eyed freshmen in August 2009. I was beginning my second full year as president, and you were getting your first taste of independence.

And here we are … in a few days, you will embark on a new chapter of life. In a way, it’s a new level of freedom for you. It may seem scary. It may appear somewhat stressful and you may be anxious. It’s natural to wonder what’s next.

But what comes next will be an exciting journey for you. You’re Huskies. You’ve successfully navigated numerous challenges, ending with a tremendous accomplishment of earning a college degree; many of you are the first in your family to reach this goal. A Bloomsburg University education brings with it many advantages and as the Class of 2013 you’ve already set the standard.

This is the largest graduating class in the history of the university and includes the highest number of honors graduates and graduates from the Presidential Leadership Program. I have been impressed by the Class of 2013’s level of engagement during four years in Bloomsburg. You exemplify the high-quality Bloomsburg students who become future leaders, graduating with honors and with great levels of achievement.

Our students, your class in particular, took advantage of the many opportunities we offer. In fact, you ran with it. Yours is the first class to grow up with The Big Event, which coincidently is coming off its most successful campaign ever with more than 1,700 active volunteers. Your future is bright, but I must admit … it’s going to be competitive.

You’ll need to show some patience out there. Apply to multiple jobs. Take multiple interviews. Be prepared to accept a job that may not be your dream job, even one that’s located away from the comforts of your hometown. If you work hard enough, remember the values you developed here and maintain that tremendous Husky spirit, you will end up with that dream job.

To the Class of 2013, best wishes. Now, unleash your inner Husky on the world.

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