Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Planning Ahead: Enrollment Management

This spring, we will conduct a national search for an enrollment management director who will work with the enrollment management steering committee to set specific targets and identify what is needed to support student success and retention.

We have already taken one step to improve university-wide retention rates — we have implemented MAP-Works.

MAP-Works is an early-alert system that helps us intercede and address students’ academic and personal problems or concerns as they arise. The goal is to coordinate efforts across campus to promote student success and persistence.

Last year, MAP-Works was piloted with 512 incoming freshmen and was highly successful in identifying students likely to struggle academically. This past fall, all undeclared students were enrolled in MAP-Works. In addition, BU now measures second-, third- and fourth-year persistence rates to better understand the factors that impact student retention and provide additional student support services.

Planning and Assessment

Again this year, Bloomsburg University will participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). The survey applies to all freshmen and seniors. The goal is to learn more about student success and institutional improvement efforts in many areas, including:
  • Collaborative learning 
  • Student-faculty interaction
  • Quality of interactions 
  • Supportive environment
  • High-impact practices

Data from this survey will help the institution improve overall teaching, learning and student support services.

Facilities Master Plan

We are currently going through the master planning process that will help us determine what our university will look like in 10 years. We have partnered with Stantec, a professional consulting firm specializing in planning, engineering architecture and interior design, to learn more about our campus’ physical strengths and areas for improvement. Stantec has already conducted several focus groups and one-on-one interviews with members of the campus community.

Social media is playing a role in this latest master plan. You may join the conversation on Facebook or follow #BUCampusPlan on Twitter.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Enhancing academic excellence

We continue to make great progress toward the goals of Impact 2015, including efforts to build upon Strategic Issue #1: Enhancing academic excellence. As part of these efforts, let's take a look at a few of our key accomplishments of 2012.

Geisinger Partnership

We have expanded our partnership with Geisinger Medical Center (GMC), allowing for increased enrollment in our existing Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, with courses offered on the GMC campus beginning in fall 2013. The partnership offers opportunities for further collaboration through research and practice.

School of Health Sciences

Our College of Science and Technology (COST) is developing a School of Health Sciences to meet the needs of medical practitioners and educators in the region and Commonwealth. Richard Angelo, associate dean of COST, is leading the effort to coordinate clinical agreements and programs. The School of Health Sciences is expected to be fully implemented and operational by fall 2013.

Higher Education Modernization Act

Bloomsburg University hosted the PASSHE Entrepreneurial Forum with Chancellor John Cavanaugh on Oct. 16. Chancellor Cavanaugh spoke with BU faculty and staff about the importance of the recently enacted Higher Education Modernization Law (HEMA), Act 132. Act 132 offers faculty the opportunity to be more entrepreneurial. In addition, all 14 PASSHE institutions are now able to develop and offer applied doctorate programs. Act 132 applies to any idea that has merit, including research, commercial projects and the development of non-profit organizations that provide internships for our students.


Here are the top four things you should know about MyCore:
  • BU’s new general education program, MyCore, emphasizes the connectedness of disciplines, knowledge and skills; and recognizes the achievement of general education outcomes outside the traditional classroom and across university divisions.
  • The program applies to all incoming freshmen beginning fall 2012.
  • The current list of approved courses is available here.