Monday, October 29, 2012

New horizons for PASSHE universities

Recently, Pennsylvania legislators passed the new Higher Education Modernization Law (HEMA), Act 132. HEMA allows PASSHE universities to enter into license agreements for the production, distribution and sale of faculty-invented intellectual property with a company owned by the faculty-inventor or a company that employs the faculty or staff inventor. Chancellor John Cavanaugh spoke with BU faculty and staff about the importance of Act 132.

Act 132 offers faculty the opportunity to be more entrepreneurial. In addition, PASSHE institutions are now able to develop and offer applied doctorate programs.

It is important to note Act 132 applies to any idea that has merit, including research, commercialization projects, and the development of non-profit organizations that provide internships for our students. Details from the October 16 Entrepreneurial Forum at BU may be found here.

For more information on this new opportunity, contact Jerrold Harris, director of research and sponsored programs, or (570) 389-4208.

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  1. President Soltz, I would like to complain about the commuters parking. There are not enough parking spots for them. Everytime my daughters go to class they can not find a spot anywhere!! We paid for a spot, why isn't there one? Where are they to park then? Geisinger tows if you park in their lot. This is a big problem and needs to be addressed.
    Also I walk the quad often while my daughters have nite class and not once have I seen a security officer walking the quad. Do you think you could have them walk instead of driving everywhere, especially at nite. I would feel safer for my daughters. Thank you for addressing these problems.