Monday, September 12, 2011

A community pulling together

We are all experiencing a stressful and challenging time as we first anticipated and prepared for the Flood of 2011 and now are dealing with its aftermath. Our initial concern was, of course, for the personal safety of our students, faculty and staff.

We have lost seven days of classes due to the university closure. Faculty leaders and academic administrators are working to adjust class periods, schedule additional sessions as necessary, and establish other ways for students to achieve all course learning outcomes.

Fall Semester will not be extended in December and final examinations will be held as scheduled during the week of December 12 – 16, 2011.

Now, with the campus closed through the week, we turn to the needs of Bloomsburg University’s hometown, the Town of Bloomsburg. My emergency management team has met daily not only to make the difficult decisions about the status of the university, but also to hear about community needs we can meet. We currently are housing Pennsylvania National Guard troops on campus and providing BU shuttle buses and equipment to assist with clean-up efforts.

Although it may seem inconsequential at a time like this, we decided to move ahead with athletic contests this week. Most of the games, with the exception of soccer, are being hosted by the Huskies’ opponents and the competitions give all of us a little diversion when we sorely need it.

Recovery from a natural disaster of this magnitude will take months, if not years. We expect to have potable water on campus again on Thursday and will be ready to welcome our students back over the weekend for classes to resume Monday, Sept. 19.

When classes resume, the need for volunteers will continue and BU efforts will be cordinated through the Solve Office. Our friends, neighbors and members of our campus community will continue to need our help and I encourage you to lend a hand.

Thank you to the essential employees who have been instrumental in the recovery efforts both in Town and on campus. Also, I want to thank all faculty and staff who have and continue to volunteer during this time


  1. 7 days is a large amount of time to have missed. I do think the University needs to make adjustments in order to make some of this time up. I am sympathetic to the flood victims, but I am also worried about my son's education. Please explain how the work that was missed will be made up if you do not adjust the calendar? Will class periods be made longer? Will there be Saturday classes?
    Molly Montague Fisher
    Class of 1986

  2. I agree that we should all be sympathetic to the flood victims. But we spend a lot on tuition and how will the time be made up? And also what about the food/meal plans and room and board we paid for and didn't get to use for 10 days?? Will there be some sort of refund or adjustment made?
    Judy H.