Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking the BU experience global

In recent weeks, our students have had several opportunities to learn about studying in countries around the world. These rewarding learning experiences are often made possible through scholarship awards, as well as Bloomsburg University’s growing study abroad network.

Now it’s time for students to decide where they’d like to extend their BU experience this summer. Some will spend a month exploring Africa, while others will travel through Europe and China. Students also may study in Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Morocco and Spain.

Each location comes with its own unique culture, rich history and opportunities for students to immerse themselves into daily life of that country. We had several students blog about their international experiences last summer, giving us a snapshot into seeing the world in a new light.

What students receive from a study aboard program cannot be replicated in a textbook or classroom. That’s why BU encourages as many students as possible to take advantage of at least one of these programs.

In fact, some students find the experience so rewarding they go on multiple study abroad trips before they graduate. For example, a student could choose to take part in BU’s Central Europe Program this summer exploring parts of Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest and Prague while studying castles, crown jewels, political briefings and famous works of art. And next summer the student could participate in the Africa Study Abroad Program, visiting historic and cultural sites in Ethiopia and experiencing a real safari in Waza Park, Cameroon.

BU's campus may be located in a rural county in Northeast Pennsylvania, but these study abroad opportunities prove our institution’s reach is worldwide.

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