Monday, January 25, 2010

Staying ahead of the game

Popularized by the hit television series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and growth of online crime, forensic analysis has caught the attention of many young adults as an interesting and attractive career path. This interest hasn't gone unnoticed at Bloomsburg University.

In May, we will have our first group of students graduate from our computer forensics program that began in 2006. It will be an exciting and proud moment for us. BU is one of few universities in the country and the only PASSHE school offering a bachelor's degree program specific to computer forensics.

Our program focuses on extracting and analyzing evidence from digital media, such as photographs from hard drives. Through classroom instruction and internships, students learn how to search hidden areas of a computer, work with law enforcement to present evidence in an investigation or trial, and enforce the computer use policies of corporate America. When they earn their bachelor's degree, our graduates have the necessary skills to solve many of the same mysteries covered on CSI, although not nearly as quickly in real life as on television.

We currently have nearly 170 students in the program and expect to graduate about 30 computer forensic specialists this spring. With our first graduating class on the horizon, we can add computer forensics to our list of new programs that meet the needs of our ever-changing global community.

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