Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer with family, friends and new faces

I just returned from a pleasant vacation driving to the state of Washington, where I visited family and friends along the way. A highlight of our trip was seeing two of our three children. Andrew is a senior anthropology/archeology major at our last university, Central Washington University. Our daughter, Laura, flew up from Los Angeles with our two little granddaughters, Finn (4) and Erris (18 months).

My wife, Dr. Robbie Soltz, is leaving from Washington this Saturday, June 27, for a month in western China with a group of students and faculty. They will be studying water resource management and the modernization of remote areas in western China. This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and will continue for at least two more summers. BU students with an interest in China are encouraged to apply for this unique, all expense paid, international experience.

This week I have enjoyed welcoming our fall freshmen and their parents to campus and informally meeting some of them in the Scranton Commons during lunch. I am looking forward to welcoming and talking with ACT 101 students during their scheduled orientation next week, June 27 to 29.

Along with freshman orientation and summer courses, BU has been busy hosting more than 1,600 youths this summer who are participating in more than 30 camps on and near campus. Many BU students are helping with those camps. Some of the camps include computer forensics, math and science, summer adventure, migrant leadership and a variety of team sports. It’s certainly an exciting time to be on campus.
There is quite a bit of summer left to enjoy with the fall semester still eight weeks away. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing more new faces come to campus over the next two months.

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