Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Campus stays busy over the summer

Summer vacation has officially begun at Bloomsburg. While campus may be a little quieter these days, I can’t say things have slowed down. Summer classes are in session and we are busy planning for the start of the 2009-2010 academic year. Here are some important changes and additions students, faculty and staff can expect to see this fall.

We have reorganized some departments and colleges to more accurately reflect academic relationships and synergies. The department of audiology and speech pathology and department of nursing have moved from the College of Professional Studies to the College of Science and Technology. And the department of exercise science and athletics joins them from the College of Liberal Arts. By moving these three departments, along with the department of biology and allied health, we bring all of our excellent health science programs together in one college. Also, the College of Professional Studies has been renamed the College of Education, reflecting a unified focus on our core teacher preparation programs.

Bloomsburg is growing to meet the global educational demands and challenges of today. The Council of Trustees endorsed a proposed Master of Arts in public policy and international affairs at today’s quarterly meeting. Following approval by the PASSHE Board of Governors, this program will prepare students for careers in domestic and international policy. We expect the program to attract students not only from Bloomsburg but also from more distant locations, as many courses will be offered online or through teleconferencing technology.

In September, Bloomsburg will offer the Principals Academy for beginning principals. The academy, which meets the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership core standards, will focus on leading change for 21st century schools. Bloomsburg has long held a distinguished reputation for training leaders in academia. The Principals Academy adds to this legacy and demonstrates our continued success and excellence in teacher and administrator preparation.

We will continue to identify programs of interest to our current and prospective students and provide a wide spectrum of choices in high-quality academic programs. While there is a lot to do before September, be sure to take time to enjoy family and friends, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the warm summer days that, surely, will arrive soon.

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